October 15, 2012

what brings you to life?

sometimes it's nice to just get away. 

it's hard to believe I've been home for almost 7 weeks.
I thought I'd be home raising two kids at this point, and the fact that I'm not as allowed a form of loss into my life.  
I'm working through it & even went to see the counseling department at our church this week.
(which I LOVED & really am pretty confident in saying we should all go to counseling)

the last few weeks have been hard & I've been sort of stuck between life stages.
I took some time off of work (photography + noonday) to be a mom, and haven't started back work because "any day" could be the day.  

well, this weekend we were sick of waiting around having a pity party so we got out of town!
dallas to see my sister, fw for a meeting for stephen, time at our favorite place in the world (horseshoe bay), austin for our nieces birthday & nephews baptism, and ACL with my bestie Chloe.

there is something about a change of pace, a change of scenery, time on the road, being outdoors, some good live music, time with those you love, and just being outside the norm of your everyday life that just is good for the soul. 

yesterday at ACL, Chloe and I saw some amazing bands and talked to some amazing people that are doing world changing stuff.  people that have similar passions & hearts.  people that are totally free to be themselves and proud of it.  and it encouraged the HECK out of me.  it got my creative juices flowing, it inspired me to no end, it made me want to be a better person.  

so I guess I wanted to write this post to get you thinking about what inspires you and brings YOU to life?  

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