February 19, 2013

gussy sews [a featured post]

So we all know that I have a passion for purchasing with purpose.  
I love the idea that something I wear represents an artisan, not just the work, but the person!
I love gussy.  let's just put that out there.  and I love what she does - SHE is an artisan.  
enter INFINITY cowl ;)  
I love that by purchasing something from gussy sews, YOU are a part of her story.  

She says that each item is uniquely made just for YOU!
[thats me too! yippee!!]
and that her products are a symbol of courage + dream-catching
I mean why wouldn't I want to buy something from her lovely shop?!?! 

I seriously can't take this off.  It is SO SOFT, so comfortable, warm, and I LOVE the color.  it's one of those colors that you think won't go with anything but then it goes with everything...ya know what I'm talking about?  

I seriously loved it so much I added it to my "camp + ashers 1 year old birthday party" outfit!!
and it went perfect :)

So if you don't know about Gussy Sews yet...what are you waiting for?
she has amazing items outside of these amazing infinity cowls, but you know me...gotta have my accessories!  
[camera straps, headbands, wristlets, purses, zippered pouches and more!]

the Mary
ok THIS is why I love Gussy!!!  Her & her hubby went on a trip with Compassion International to Tanzania [have I told yall about my obsession with said country?] and fell in love with the people.  She got this awesome fabric while there & is selling these limited edition zipper pouches to help SPONSOR A CHILD through Compassion!! this one is named after Mary whom them met on their trip :)
and I have to admit all this talking about it made me just go online & buy it ;) 
anyone want to be twinkies? 

go ahead, start browsing! 


  1. Well it's no secret that I adore Gussy! ;) I have the Mary pouch too! I also have 2 totes and another small pouch and I'm getting a 3rd pouch in the mail soon! haha I'm a little obsessed. ;) LOVE that cowl on you!

    1. heck ya girl! seeing your pouch made me want one :) i need a new throw in my bag little pouch ;) yay!!!

  2. hello. Congratulations Great blog. It's very interesting what you're saying, this is a beautiful picture. We salute you :)


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