February 14, 2013

share the love 2013

Sharing the LOVE.  
how did it go for yall?  

I was at church Sunday & we sang this new song called "here is love" by Bethel and it was just a sweet reminder than we LOVE because of Christs love for us!!  

Grace and love, like mighty rivers

Poured incessant from above
And Heaven's peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love

No love is higher, no love is wider
No love deeper, no love is truer
No love is higher, no love is wider
No love is like Your love, O Lord

Here is love, vast as the ocean

I have seriously loved having this in my head to do every day.  It's been such an amazing way to make a habit out of noticing people and things to do to make people happy every day.  I really do hope and pray that I can continue with this idea of "share the love".  because it's really not that hard.  it's being intentional.  it's going out of your way to speak to someone.  it's thinking about someone and something other than yourself & your plans for the day.  God has really showed me a lot these past two weeks.  

and sadly, I don't have really any pictures of what I did.  

but I want to encourage you & give you some ideas of how simple this whole idea of "share the love" can really be.  so...here are a few ways I shared the love.

picked my mom up from airport with starbucks in hand
paid for guy behind me in line at HEB's cokes
brought donuts to neighbors who were having a garage sale
encouraged the mail lady & told her she was appreciated
flowers + lunch to a friend who was at home sick
surprise (and secret!) birthday gifts to my neighbors
 afternoon coffee to friends
made cupcakes + had friends over to share our heart for missions
helping friends fundraise for mission trips ;)
helped a friend with something she didn't know how to do
encouraged and loved on my kids every day
prayed for daddy as he walked out the door for work
apparently, my love language is coffee - I think I brought a friend a coffee almost every day of the challenge...hmm....
spoke kindly, wasn't on my cell phone + befriended the checkers at the store.

See what I mean?  it's not that hard.  it's simply treating others as you would like to be treated.  you don't have to majorly go out of your way.  you don't have to have this big elaborate plan.  you just LOVE people.  and love is it's own language.  

so if you haven't shared the love, I challenge you to do it.

and if you have [but just aren't posting about it] can you share with us how YOU shared the love?

I've heard so many different things from people + think it would be amazing to have a running list to go back to to get ideas + encouragement from each other.

ready, set, SHARE! 
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  1. LOVE. a lot. and that song is so great!

  2. Have you seen Kid President? He has a video about 25 things you can do to make someone else's year awesome! It is so cute and encouraging! He's on YouTube!

  3. Okay, Wynne...I love the you said your love language is coffee because I have said the exact same thing to people!! Haha! That and cheese. :)

    I love the share the love thing. A couple of years ago it was sort of put on my heart to start going out of my way to talk to people in a service industry setting, i.e.: the barista at starbucks, the checker at the grocery store, my waiter or waitress, the person on the phone when I call customer service. Just to ask them how their day is going, strike up a conversation with them, talk about life. and the biggest thing for me...if they are wearing a name tag or tell me their name I always call them by their name. "How is your day going today, Annie?" "Thanks so much for your help, Jesse." Especially if it's a waiter or waitress, addressing them by their name. Just to show them that they aren't just the person helping me...that I took the two seconds to learn their name. It may seem small but It's something I always try to do because I know I appreciated it when I was working in those areas. :)

    And coffee...oh the coffee. ;)

  4. You are the coolest! Seriously. Can you come to Florida, so I can do a shoot with your family? PLEASE!!!!!!


thanks for the love!