February 1, 2013

Share the Love!

I am really excited to partner with Lyndsey of Pink Coffee Photo + 12 other gals for Share the Love 2013!  Lyndsey had an idea about how we could show love in this month of LOVE ;)  

So here's the deal.  Starting today through Valentines Day, we are going to be sharing the love. 

what does that mean exactly?
that means loving those around you, being intentional, being aware of the needs of those around you, doing random acts of kindness for those in your home, your neighborhood, your community, you get the point ;) 

as believers, we are called to share the love of christ with everyone we meet!  
and that happens in lots of little ways.

this week I got the amazing opportunity to hear Bob Goff (author of Love Does) speak and let me just tell you it pumped me up for this.  he puts it this way: love extravagantly   love god, love people, DO STUFF.  because love DOES.  

I myself am really excited about this challenge because I know this will make me AWARE of the needs around me.  I'm praying that doing this for 14 days will allow it to become a habit  and it will become part of our everyday life.  There's something about having to LOOK for a need that makes you see it everywhere. 

I'm thinking about making cookies for my new neighbor I've been wanting to meet, paying for someones coffee behind me at Starbucks, watching a friends kid if they need it, intentionally loving my husband well + leaving him little notes to remind him, random "happies" on friends doorsteps, and the list goes on.  

My goal is to do at least ONE act of kindness EVERY day until Valentines day.  

and the fun of this challenge is that YOU can get in too! 
and you don't have to have a blog - you can share your #sharethelove2013 moments on your facebook, Instagram or twitter.  
what if we ALL intentionally went out and shared the love with those around us?
some pretty powerful stories will emerge I'm sure.

So let's all meet back here on the "day of love" and share those stories!

who's excited?
share the love! 


  1. love you and LOVE this!! (actually just saw your email about it last night! haha) You bet I'm in!!! :D

  2. Love this! I'm in! I wanted to do something like this as an advent calendar around Christmas, but I never did. So now's the time! Thanks for the inspiration! At the retreat last weekend the word that kept coming to mind that I kept praying about was "intentional", so this is perfect!!!

  3. You are my hero! Thank you so much for doing this with us, and I really want to read that book now!

    1. love you & love that god put this on your heart! amazing!

  4. Hi there :) Love your take on this exciting Share the Love campaign. It is so cool to meet other sister's in Christ. Honored to be sharing these precious God filled moments with you girls!

    1. isn't this going to be amazing? god is up to something big!

  5. So glad I stumbled across your blog. I love finding women in this blogosphere who love Jesus and life.

    This post, it is a great idea :)

    1. so glad you found me too! isn't it amazing, the community we can find online?

  6. Joining you on this challenge :) and following you now as well. beautiful story of the love & grace of God written all over this blog! can’t wait to read more.

    Katie || Loverly She

    1. so glad we're in this together! can't wait to get to know you too!


thanks for the love!