November 12, 2008

Two Years of Pure Bliss....

Recap of our two year anniversary trip to the Hill Country

1. Drove to Horseshoe Bay on Friday night, didn't arrive until 10:30, restaurants were all closed, ate Whataburger for dinner...

2. Got caught up watching the Baylor/Texas game on TV

3. Had my FAVORITE burger ever at " the putter" for lunch Saturday

4. Went to Dry Creek Vineyards on Saturday afternoon - there was a huge wedding going on

5. Checked into our cute Bed and Breakfast in Gruene

6. Walked around Gruene - found the Lone Star Music store and got some GREAT new Texas Country CD's (Wade Bowen & Reckless Kelly)

7. Had dinner at the Gristmill!! It was a little chilly but fun none the less

8. Forgot the concert tickets for the Gruene concert at home and had to go through hell and back to get into the concert

9. Got there a little too early...waited at least 2 hours for the concert to start - but found a GREAT new band!! Sean McConnell! By the time Cory Morrow came on, we were exhausted and ready to go home.

10. Found out Sunday morning that the band that was "so loud" next door on Saturday night was none other than Josh Grider....I was SO upset we missed it!

11. Finished off the weekend walking around Fredricksburg on Sunday afternoon and got some new fun Christmas decorations for our house.

Enjoy the pics!


  1. The only reason I happened to see this is that I have a Google search for Horseshoe Bay and you happened to come up. My curiosity is your first name, Wynne. Wynne Chilton Baxter is an old friend, and a granddaughter of Angus Wynne. Just curious if you're related.

    Don Overton
    Horseshoe Bay, TX

  2. Happy Anniversary! So glad we got to see you. Y'all are precious!


thanks for the love!