May 9, 2009

Lake, Lake, Mountains, Lake, Midland

Hi Friends,
I am writing you from the couch where I have sat for pretty much over 30 hours.  Well besides sleeping in my actual bed.  I have been going going going and I have just crashed!  Thursday after school I fell asleep on the couch not feeling too well - but had to get up and rally for a "Welcome to Midland" party for our dear friends Karl and Cecile.  The party was so fun!  I was not feeling too well still.....allergies/sore throat/tired/etc and I downed like 6 waters in a span of 2 hours.  So, we get home from the party (after leaving Milly just to roam around the house) to find this....

Milly seriously has NEVER torn up a shoe, clothes, etc - but this was her first.  It was obviously my fault for leaving them out, but she had never taken any interest in my shoes before?  She LOVED these.  I was pretty bummed, but good lesson learned!  As I was getting ready to write this post, I went to find the shoe to take a picture of it and I found Milly under the bed going at the other shoe!  seriously!  She loves these shoes....sad

So it's Saturday and it's killing me to just be sitting around.  I feel guilty being lazy, but I still feel bad and Stephen feels worse than me.  I just keep thinking how I need to take advantage of this time to just chill out and be able to not do anything, b/c when the kids come - that time is no more.  So, I'm trying to be lazy and just take it easy so I can get back to work/life on Monday!

Next weekend we are having a garage sale, and I've never personally had one and I'm kinna stressing out - really just about what to price things as?  I have  A LOT of clothes and other stuff, but the clothes is what I'm nervous about pricing.  Anyone have any tips for me?

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  1. I hope y'all feel better! Being sick is no fun! Send well wishes your way!


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