October 22, 2009

Baylor oh Baylor

If you know me well, you know that my favorite weekends of the year are as follows:


4th of July

Baylor Homecoming

I know, I can't explain it but Baylor is in my BLOOD, seriously I think I might bleed green and gold. I have (to my knowledge) never missed a Baylor Homecoming. This is my first homecoming with my dad at the parade. Then in junior high and high school I got to be in the parade with the Vanguard cheerleaders, then in college I was in the parade with Student Foundation riding the bikes :) I have SO many fond memories of Baylor homecoming.

Homecoming as a student was crazy busy between pigskin practice, trying to help with the float....more like just trying to make sure my float-chair roomies stayed sane, intramural, school, etc. I LOVED it. I loved the lack of no sleep and fun that came with homecoming.

Now as an alumni my homecoming schedule is as follows. Some might call this the "Trippet family homecoming tradition"

Friday Night:






Pi Phi Alum reception


Usually some sort of party at the Alamo, but those days are gone...

It is jam packed with catching up with old friends and spending time with family. I am so excited this year because my dear friends Becca & Alli (both Baylor pi phi gals) are spending the weekend with the fam. They will get a real dose of what Baylor Homecoming is all about :)

Note: I will no doubt watch old Sing/Pigskin videos on the car ride to Waco today...I can't give it up, obviously.

GO BEARS!!!!!!


  1. Is that you and your dad!! So precious!! Have a great time this weekend Wynne; love reading about all the family traditions..so sweet!

  2. I need to see you!!!! Text me at the parade!!! love you!!!


thanks for the love!