February 26, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting Day # 2

here are two of the sweeties I've be hanging out with this week:
Molly, age 4

Sam, 22 months

Molly is quite the photographer. All she wants to do is "take pictures!" Oh, I have taught her well the past few days....here are a few shots in the eyes of a FOUR year old :)

Yeah for a fun filled, kid filled, weekend!

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  1. Wynne,
    Glad you were able to connect with Jessica. Yes, she is so talented and beautiful on the inside and out!

    Thanks for your post. I kind of put it out there just as a little reminder to myself, with the hopes that it would encourage a few others as well. Thanks for sharing! E

    Enjoy the kids--they are super cute!



thanks for the love!