February 27, 2010

Photography: tell a story

I didn't get to go to photography class this week, because I was babysitting cute cute munchkins, but I got the notes from the class today & was excited to see that the theme/homework was about telling a story with your pictures. I read through the notes& the homework excited to see this weeks challenge and low and behold think I might have already completed the assignment without knowing it. I love to tell a story with the pictures - and yesterday I had a great model :) Sam & I were blowing bubbles outside & I took the opportunity to practice my skills! I spent some time last night editing in Photoshop, trying out new skills there thanks for fun tutorials by Pioneer Woman & iheartfaces, and I think this could be my homework. We are supposed to put together a string of 4-5 photos that tell a story.

Tell me what you think!
Right order? He is just too precious for words.
Since I was playing around with my actions - they do all look different. Maybe if I were to turn this in, I would do more of the same actions so they looked more similar? thoughts?
setting the scene

getting into the bubbles
trying to figure it out

I wish I had one of the actual bubbles....maybe I"ll dress him in the same outfit & take him outside today to do just that :) We shall see....
I am going to look through all my pics & see if there is something I can add.
Stay tuned! I am also going to attempt to download a "storyboard" from coffeeshop, which might make my story look even better - but tell me your input!


  1. First of all, your angles are amazing. I love the finish on the third one. Since bubble blowing is such a classic past time, I think that "antique"-like coloring fits really well.
    I LOVE the order and I don't even think you need a bubble -- he is so darling!
    I am not sure the first one fits as well except to introduce sweet baby, but I enjoy the composition so much that I don't think you should change it!

    Great job, Wynne! I love reading your posts. Hope you and stephen are stayin sane this week! xoxo

  2. Wynne that is precious!! I think you officially need kids asap so you can take more cute pictures ;)


thanks for the love!