February 10, 2010

another Hill Country Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend catching up with some of my favorite people this past weekend at Camp Mystic. The pictures really speak for themselves....enjoy!
Yummy food & just hanging out Friday night
Saturday morning was spent hanging out with this cute guy} and...
A fun surprise little shower for Alli :)
luckily ML got her a basket full of her favorite "goodies" - we all learned a lot this morning! For example, the giraffe toy she's holding up is apparently the #1 infant toy! who knew?
While we were "shower"ing the boys had fun being boys. What more do you need than a gun and a mule?
the girls had some fun of our own riding around camp with a trip to Sky High for some pics ;)
No pics from Saturday night sitting by the fire, but here's the best we could get of the group: self timer on my camera :)
It was a great weekend spent with friends {and fun to be back to the place I spent 14 summers at growing up!} Looking forward to Supper Club Family camp 2011!


  1. i saw your sweet comment on ashley's blog...you're too funny. and yes, that giraffe is seriously LOVED by babies. didn't believe it really and then all of a sudden hank LOVES it! too funny! it looks just like murphy's toy turkey. ha.

  2. Did someone get to use their new 50mm this weekend?! OBSESSED! Want to go into business together? Ok, cool.

  3. Wynne! The pics are wonderful! Thank you for being our fab photographer...so grateful you always capture our memories! Love you!!!


thanks for the love!