February 10, 2010

Photography Assignment on Light

I can't decide which one to enter for my class tonight! We were trying to play with light & being aware of how it affects our photos. Which one do yall think?


  1. I like the 1st one with trees & water

  2. Usually I would pick the one with the dogs... :) But I really like the first one, it has a different perspective. Hope everything is going well!!

  3. the first one- love the second but since it's on lighting the first one is more dramatic!!

  4. ok thanks for all the comments! some of my fellow classmates on flikr were torn between the two because of the great "side light" on the dogs :) but I like the river one too :) thanks!!

    I am trying to upload more pics from this weekend but my blogger is taking FOREVER! I have no idea what the deal is. stay tuned :)

  5. Wynne! Love your pictures! So excited about this new adventure. Can't wait to play this weekend!


thanks for the love!