February 4, 2010

Friday 4!

These are some of my favorite photo's that I've taken in the past week!
With the exception of the first photo {which I turned in for my photography class this week!} these were taken at a yummy mexican food fiesta with good friends last week.

{PS - when I made my pictures as big as the tutorial I posted yesterday said, it cut off some of the content! So, I found yet another tutorial that has a few options for photo sizes! You can find it here!}


  1. where was the yummy mexican food at?? maybe you should bring your camera to book club- that would make for some interesing photos!

  2. You're a blogging pro now!!! You're pictures are looking great as well! Keep it up!

  3. Wynn, your blog is awesome. I really want to get photoshop and I am going to have to come back and try all your secrets. Mine is not as fancy, haha.


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