February 7, 2010

introducing my newest friend

Last week was a VERY exciting & emotional week for me {not in a bad way - in a lots of excitement way}! Lot's of fun news from friends & one more little person was brought into this world. Not just anyone, but on of my very favorite friends little boy, Grayson! Allison & Casey are some of our closest friends in Midland and it has been such a blessing to walk through their pregnancy with them. I have seen God glorified so much through them and their journey to become parents. I am truly blown away by their trust & total dependence to God during the past 9 months. I know God will guide & lead them to be amazing godly parents. They have been a huge testament to God's purpose for parents: to have a desire to raise & grow their child to be a worshiper and follower of Christ. I can't wait to watch little Grayson grow up!

Stephen & I got to go visit them in the hospital the next day and here are some pictures I took in the hospital room. No pictures of mom yet, but don't worry....my picture taking of this family has just begun :) Allison is amazing & as Casey said "so strong".


  1. What great shots of what sounds like a beautiful family inside and out!

    Mac is the one in a white long sleeved shirt and the fire hat!!:) I'll tell her to start blogging again though!

  2. Your pictures are amazing! Love them!

    We would LOVE to meet yall one weekend at the lake. Let us know when youll be there adn we'll try to go up also!


thanks for the love!