February 23, 2010

Lacie's Salado Wedding

This past weekend was my great friend Lacie's WEDDING in Salado, Texas! For those who don't know where that is, it's halfway between Waco and Austin on I-35. It's a precious precious place and such a great venue for a wedding! Lacie & I became good friends our Senior year of High school (even though we went to different high schools!) we met in a senior girls bible study through youth group. We never went to the same school or lived in the same town after HS but we remained great friends! She was in my house party & now I was in her's! {PS I counted, this was the 10th house party I've been in - I am a pro B teamer :)}

I had never really attempted to take any good pictures at a wedding & had some success. I was having problems with blurriness - so these are the best I got. I wasn't prepared for wedding lighting, but have since ordered an external flash for my camera :) So maybe next time my lighting will be better. I also started trying to shoot in RAW, so that was fun! Enjoy the pics!

This was actually from the shower we threw Lacie in December - some of the bridesmaids & me!
Beautiful rehersal dinner @ Jacks barn ~ fun music, a photo booth, and dancing!
sweet dancing with her daddy!
her and her groom the night before the BIG DAY!
Most of Lacie's bridesmaids were Kappa's with her at Texas Tech, and since she wasn't in college when she got engaged - so they let her pass the candle at the bridesmaids brunch! It was so sweet!
These might be 2 of my favorite pictures of the weekend - precious flowergirl and bridesmaids watching Lacie getting ready!

Me & the Bride!
I couldn't end the post without giving a HUGE shout out to my two favorite wedding memory capture-ers! {is that a word?} well Huy was my wedding photographer & Chris was my wedding videographer and they both are THE BEST at what they do. I absolutely love their talent & how they both seek to tell a story with their pictures/video. I had a blast catching up with my friends & picking their brains. If you are getting married, or know someone who is - I'd love to tell you more about how amazing they are! In the meantime, check them out here:
Huy's new photography site for photographers: photograph huy

PS - Although I LOVE my blog, I am annoyed that I can't get my pictures any larger, so I am trying to brainstorm what to do about that....


  1. Hi Wynne,
    I have a Baylor friend that is a photographer, and she used http://www.netrivet.com/ to design her blog, since she has so many photos on it. I'm not sure how it works, but I thought I'd pass it along. I found the link at the bottom of her blog:
    Jess Graham is great at capturing life, so even if this doesn't give you the answers you need, I think you'll enjoy looking through her photos!

  2. gorgeous pictures!!!!! It's such a small world!! :)


thanks for the love!