February 23, 2010

what the PPPG has been up to!

This is what my pretty pretty princess girl has be up to....

1. killing squirrels

2. playing in the snow!


In the meantime, I didn't have to go to work today. or after school program. or bible study. everything for me was cancelled today - pretty crazy! snow day! I haven't gotten out of my PJ's yet...but don't worry, I was pretty productive. made my hubbs pancakes this am, did my bible study, reorganized my pictures & videos on my computer, updated the blog, edited lots of pictures, and have a few fun things to mail to friends tomorrow :) I'm sorta glad I had a breather today - tomorrow Stephen & I start babysitting 4 kids {ages 10 down to under 2} until Sunday night. Please pray for us...haha. It is going to be a fun and crazy rest of the week! I need to go to bed to rest up :)


  1. Sweet Milly girl! Great pics in the snow. P.S. Can't believe you posted a photo of a dead squirrel...haha!!

  2. Milly looks sinister...like a bad pretty princess puppy girl!


thanks for the love!