March 6, 2010

Blog Help

I've had so much fun recently helping friends spruce up their blogs! I think if I did this for $ I wouldn't like ti as much as it's a work of love for my favorite friends. It's a challenge & takes time but the results are always worth it - a pretty blog & happy friends! I'm not sure I have done great at "teaching" them how to do it - it's just easier for me to whip it up but I"ll try to keep posting tips and tricks that I've learned. Under the "blog help" tab on my blog you can keep up with sites I've spruced up & tips and tricks I've found.

Here is the latest for my friend Sommer


  1. I want you to design my blog! You are great at it!!:)

  2. I love what you did with her blog! Maybe we can add that to the list of things to do on our photography day! HA!


thanks for the love!