March 7, 2010

Midland Friday Night

Before going over to our friends house for dinner I took some time to drive around & scout out fun locations for pictures in Midland. It was a beautiful day & I had a blast driving around with the sun roof down jamming out to the radio. I found this awesome give away called Get Legit by a photographer in Florida, Ben Sasso. I have this great idea & am trying to make it happen. I'm going to use some of my Teen CBS senior girls & find an awesome field, get them to borrow a few pick up trucks, sit on the back & bring a football, radio and just tell them to have fun. then I'll capture it! Trying to capture typical west Texas small town high school scene. I'm hoping Sam will get it & appreciate it. The winner gets a free website & hosting for a year - the contest basically says if you want to be a photographer you have to "get legit" and get a website. Seems like I may be heading in that direction so I thought I'd give it a try! If you have any great ideas - let me know! I need to go out again to scout the location but I think i have a good idea of what I"ll do.

Found some cool things in Midland while I was looking...see it's not that bad!

We had a great time hanging out with our dear dear friends, The Zachry's, on Friday night! We signed up a while ago to bring them dinner on Friday & stayed to hang out. We had a blast with Grayson & catching up with our friends. Laura & Tyler came too and the guys had a "cigars & stars" while we girls {plus Grayson!} stayed inside and caught up! Sweet time with friends....

Laura & Grayson
we can't forget about Winston!

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