March 1, 2010

My new Martilena Camera Bag!!

I am so excited - a little over a month ago my friend Haley told me about this lady in Austin who she got her camera bag made from {she found her on etsy}. I looked and looked and finally picked out a fabric & ordered my bag! It came in this weekend & I am SO excited! Nice to have one place to keep all my camera stuff & it's so cute that it just makes me happy. I took it on my first "assignment" tonight at eTeen!

Martilena Info
or on her Website

Also today in the mail I got my new FLASH! I ordered a Nikon Speedlight SB 600 flash {thanks to the advice from my friend Ellen} and got it use it tonight as well - it was perfect! I don't usually like using a flash, but tonight we were indoors & without any natural light - I needed it! I am excited to go through all my pictures....that will be my next post.
Photography isn't a cheap sport I'll tell you that! My Christmas money is now no more fun stuff for me for a while. But good thing my birthday is coming up!

On my wish list....{any family members reading this?! hah jk}.....
1. Totally Rad Actions {both sets!}
2. to go to the Love Affair Workshop next September!!
3. way more but it's embarrassing to post....I told you photography was expensive!!


  1. SO PRECIOUS - and great idea (what we talked about the other day). I have some thoughts for you. I'll be in touch.


thanks for the love!