March 1, 2010

Babysitting Recap!

Stephen and I had so much fun over the weekend babysitting. It was an absolute blast, it was absolutely exhausting, it was absolute chaos! No not really, it was fun. The kids {pictured above!} were so much fun. There are some things I fear about parenting & although there are still a lot of fears -- I think there were some things I realized that I can totally do & not be afraid of. The BEST part of the weekend was doing it all with this guy....

at times he could be like the 5th child, but most of the time he was a HUGE help. He had so much fun with the big boys & was so very helpful with baby Sam too. He brought me diet cokes too when I was getting tired....
It makes me so excited *one day* have a family with him. This weekend was a great snapshot of what our life could be like in the future {did you know that we want 4 kids?! We say that now..but we will be blessed with whatever God gives us}

Whether it was playing with trains.....

or going to Baskin Robbins....
or just hanging out

We had a blast! Now - I have more material for my "story" for class! ahh - I'll let you know what I decide to do!

Although it was so much fun - I am glad to be back to my own bed, with my puppy & sleeping past 6 am! More to catch up on tomorrow....sorry in advance to flood your google reader :)


  1. love the new the new camera bag...and most of all...i love when you flood my google reader! xo

  2. Glad you had fun! You and Stephen will be great parents when the time is right!!!


thanks for the love!