March 31, 2010

My Weekend: Part 2 - Eli!!!

We finally got our precious Eli boy this weekend!!!! Saturday was a crazy, crazy day {I was ofically in 4 cities in 12 hours!} - flew into Dallas from Houston Saturday morning, Stephen picked me up at the airport and we were off to meet our little guy!! Katie & Reece were the BEST puppy parents. It was so much fun to watch them grow up in pictures and then to finally meet the puppies in person. I know I have talked about Katie A LOT but I think she is truly amazing! An amazing photographer, christian woman, wife & friend! I am so blessed to know her! She did a GREAT post on her blog today about the puppies & has some amazing pictures on there. read the story - it's great! Click Here!

We got to meet our precious Eli & finally take him home. I'm just posting the pics from their house but stay tuned for pics from their first week at home!
Eli & his first mama- Katie!
his new mama!

Katie tagged these of us with Eli on facebook - and I HAD to show you!!!

CUTEST THING EVER! He has such a sweet cloudy eye :)

We love our Eli so much!!!! More pics to come :)


  1. Aww..Cute Eli! Looks like ya'll will have a fun puppy week! We have been dying to get Rocky a friend!


thanks for the love!