April 11, 2010


I had a BLAST this past week with my good friend Victoria & her precious precious toddler, Ellery. When I first met Victoria she was pregnant about to have Ellery - and it's hard to believe that was almost two years ago! We had a great time following Ellery around the park :) The best part was a few days later when I went to Victoria's house to show her the photos, Ellery gave me a BIG HUG. This is what I love about photography - the relationships! Even ones that were already great have become stronger & more fun! Enjoy the pictures!
{this is my friend Victoria!}


  1. wynne they look great!! I am praying for good weather tomorrow- we are scheduled for callyn's 6 month shoot!!

  2. Wynne, your photos are incredible! You have such a gift and every one I see makes me even more excited for you to take some of Ansley!

  3. o. my. word. these are fantastic and love the chair she's sitting on great idea. inspiration!


thanks for the love!