May 3, 2010

Polo on the Prairie

We had a great weekend this past weekend at the Lazy 3 Ranch + Polo on the Prairie. We went with our good friends Luke & Julie (who graciously hosted us!) and Will & Ansley. It was our first experience at this event and it was a memorable one. It benefits MD Anderson & this was it's 24th year! We got out there Friday in time for the fish fry & spent some time looking at the beautiful stars before calling it in. Saturday was an early morning - breakfast, help set up, watch polo, play with the dogs, drive around the ranch, take photos, and then the party began around 4!

Since Luke & Julie were in charge of "band hospitably" Stephen & Luke got to drive the band back and forth from the house to the event and Stephen was so thrilled to meet one of his favorite artists & have him ride in our car. Ryan Bingham was the entertainer and he did a GREAT job. It was their first gig in 6 months and it also kicked off their east coast tour! Pretty cool! They were really nice guys & everyone really enjoyed the concert!
{Ryan Bingham}
Before the concert was polo championship game, amazing bbq dinner and then after the concert was an awesome fireworks show!
I ran into some friends from the past & got to spend time with Midland friends AND Becca & Clark! along with meet some new friends :) it was a fun time.

I can't explain the way I feel when I'm out in the country away from computer, cell phone, work - the real world basically. I LOVE IT! Such a great time to get away.

{me & julie}

{becca & me}
{ansley & me}


  1. Oh how fun! What beautiful scenery! I love living life thru your camera lens...what adventures!

  2. Thanks for putting pics up Wynne! We LOVED having you and Stephen. The pic of Mae is ADORABLE and I love how you are working with depth of field. It really make the subject more interesting and creates a very serene background - LOVE it! Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures - you are so talented!


thanks for the love!