June 12, 2010

our beautiful god daughter, Natalie!

Last week Stephen & I got the chance to drive down to San Angelo to meet for the very first time a VERY special girl in our life! This is Natalie - and her mom, Erin, is Stephen's first cousin. Erin & Jake asked Stephen & I to be the god parents of their precious Natalie before she was born and since they live in Arizona & she was in the NICU for about 1.5 months, we are just now meeting her. Although Nat spent some time in the NICU, you would never know! She is a healthy, beautiful, full of smiles and laughter little girl. What a blessing it was to capture her with her mom & her "emme" (grandmother). We even got to stay for dinner & catch up with Mary Ellen & Erin. We have been wanting to meet Natalie & take her photos for some time so we were so glad it worked out last week!

These are just a few of my favorites
{not sure why I can't get them bigger today....}
Nat & mom
Nat & Stevo
Emme, Nat & Erin

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