June 20, 2010

Weekend Away Part 1: Waco

We had SUCH a great weekend this past weekend! Since this summer has been super super busy for me with work/getting ready for camp it was a very nice surprise to get to spend the night in Waco on Friday! I had no idea before this week when I would see my family next {missed you Rach!} so it was super fun. What made it even more fun was that it was Frances birthday! The Duncan's are pretty much like family to us. Their mom & our parents grew up in Waco together and went to Baylor together and have been best friends ever since. Laura & I were born 8 days a part and had every birthday party until we were probably 13 together. Her older sister, Frances, is my parents god-daughter. They live 3 doors down from my parents & so when we go home we just walk back and forth. family. we love the Duncan's! One thing you should know about them is they could open their own bad ass restaurant. Frances went to culinary school abroad & Laura is currently in culinary school. So going to their house for dinner is really like going to a 5 star restaurant. yummy!

The night started with bubbly, cheese & photographing precious Grace Caroline! This was my first opportunity to photograph sweet Grace (10 months) and definitely not the last!
Her dad & I even made a pretty sweet deal that includes me getting a new lens that he had sitting in his closet. yes please!
Grace & her beautiful birthday girl mom
Grace & SuSu
cute fam!
After photographing & chatting we sat down to our fabulous dinner. Beef & pork ribs, corn& slaw salad, fried okra, bread, homemade bbq sauce, and then a blueberry & peach crisp for dessert. it was delightful! I ate entirely too much and loved every moment of it. Of coarse their was wine too!
It was a delightful night @ the Duncan's. Enjoy the pics!

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  1. You are so sweet! We loved being with y'all and hope to do it again soon! I LOVE the pics!! Thank you so much.


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