February 4, 2011

{christmas post 1} the night before graduation!

I know Chirstmas was so long ago, but I am just now getting to upload the pics :) We had a great time with the family over Christmas. We were blessed and got to stay at our family friends home, the Attas', in Colorado so we did all of our Christmas pre-christmas! Waco for MH Graduation, then to Austin, back to Waco all before going to Colorado. I'll try to break up the posts.

The weekend before, we headed to Waco to celebrate MH graduating! The night before the big day we had a family dinner & game night! We had a blast eating dinner, playing iwth the dogs, listening to some tunes, and playing the famous "bowl game", LCR, and go fish? Hilarious. I love spending time with my family!

{despite what the pictures show, me, stephen, rachel, stan & mom were all there too}

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  1. oh the christmas spode! Such a staple at our house! :-) Pretty Pictures, Wynne!


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