February 4, 2011

Mary Helen Graduates!

The last Trippet sister has done it! Mary Helen graduated from Baylor this December and we were all there to witness! It wasn't long ago that Rachel graduated, and in back to back fashion the Trippet girls are out of BU. The commencement ceremony was really nice - President Starr spoke and I must say I was impressed! I think he's an awesome addition to the Baylor family and I must admit I got a little teary eyed talking about the Baylor family. Baylor truly is a family and I am so proud to be a part of it! {and I will admit that Rachel & I did go through the program name by name and circle names we liked! it's a tradition!}

Mary Helen was such a good student. I truly am so proud of her for her accomplishments while at Baylor. She really did learn! She was always working on PR projects and her portfolio is pretty good I might say. If you are looking for a PR girl, or a writer, MH is your girl! She currently lives in Austin :) So proud of you sis!

The ceremony was followed by, no doubt, photos! MH is not the gal that loves the spotlight so we had fun following her around paparazzi style embarrassing her. then a yummy dinner at Diamond Backs! bubbly to celebrate! Congrats MH!!!

{ps - Stephen got me a new point & shoot camera for Christmas, so we could take self portraits of ourselves :) well and so I can take pics of normal things in my everyday life! so many more pics to come.....}
Here's the man that made it all possible! Thanks Dad!!!
He's smiling because he's DONE paying for college!!
whoo hoo!!

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