February 12, 2011

New Years Eve- Elder style!

So we started a tradition last year of having a New Years Eve party at our house! Last year everyone was in town & no one had plans so last minute we decided to have a party. This year was no different - we think it's a pretty fun tradition! Even though this year nothing was broken, no one fell off the coffee table, and there was no dance party - we still had a blast :) What a fun group of people that came together to ring in the new year :) My favorites are all the photos of Alison. Every time I looked at her, she thew a little party and gave me a face. haha. We were so excited too that our good friends Becca & Clark (their blog here) were in town and got to come. This makes the 2nd NYE in 3 years that we got to ring it in with the Ruckers! Happy 2011!!!!
eTeen girls back together! Jordan, Rachel, me, Sommer!
Eli even got in the spirit ;)
that's all she wrote.

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