February 4, 2011

Trippet Family Christmas - Part 2

The day after Austin, which was the day before Colorado, we headed back down 35 for a little Trippet family Christmas action. It was sorta strange having Christmas before Christmas, but it was fun! The dogs got new beds (see: Hallie is so happy!), the guys got cologne, and the big kids got a pretty canvas :) I was so so excited to get these for everyone for their big gift. I was thrilled to watch them be so excited! Another thing we did this year, that I loved, was get each family (Trippets & Chambers/Elder) a gift card to Living Water International. It was a gift of clean water & we could all go online together and view videos of 8 or so different countries that Living Water had projects going with to give clean water. We got to watch them as a family & decide how much we were going to give to each story. It was just a fun little way to make Christmas about giving :) Later that night the crazy packing began to head to Colorado! More on the trip next post!

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  1. Wynne! I just read your adoption story and everything...so amazing! I love how the Lord works. I will be praying for you guys. Mary Beth leaves for africa in two weeks...she's going to uganda. I've been to malawi and LOVE africa. The kids truly are amazing. So excited for y'all. I'm going to keep following to stay updated!! also...if you go to my blog click on the crabtree family b/c she has a blog post about her friends trying to adopt from africa and you might like reading it! blessings!!!


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