April 26, 2011

Warrior 100k

My goal for this blog is to be able to stay current with our lives ;) Unfortunately, I am really behind so this is all going to go out of order! But you gotta start somewhere....

Yesterday, Alison, Lauren, Michael, Stephen & I got to help out with the 1st annual Warrior 100k bike ride. Well, not with the bike ride but we got to help transport the wounded warriors (they are just that - wounded warriors, all veterans now) around Midland before they hoped on a plane Big Bend to ride 100k with President Bush. Our new neighbors, Michael & Lauren, used to work for GW in DC and they were asked to volunteer to help make this all happen! So they needed help & we came to the rescue! Not really, we were ecstatic! I was sort of nervous, but the guys I had in my car were super friendly, asking ME all the questions! And of coarse, right as we were packing up my car, one guy found my reflector (for photography) and asked about it and turns out he was a photographer for the President (george!) in DC and was there to photograph this whole bike ride! How cool is that? Anyway, I checked out his stuff today ( http://www.paulmorsephotographs.com/) and he is SUPER good. What a cool contact to have!

Anyway, the guys totally inspired me. I was asking them if they were excited about this ride and one guy (who had lost a leg) said he rode 200 miles per week! Seriously? It was totally inspirational to meet people who had suffered loss, but had made good out of it. And were showing the world that you can't stop them - they are going to go on living life and living it to the full! I was so inspired I went for a run last night....haha. We were so honored to be a part of this!
Me, Alison & Lauren at the airport!

There they go!

For info check out their website - http://www.w100k.com/ - they have pictures, video, updates on the ride!

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