June 21, 2011

god + adoption + cool people = fabulousness.

Meet my new friend Katie!! She has a blog here: http://www.katiemohr.blogspot.com/
I have been reading her blog since last summer
she is friends with my Katie
the katie that started my whole adoption process
well god did, but he used her!
he used her because of THIS katie
katie has a son, Elliot, whom she adopted from Guatemala
katie lived there for 8 months
she formed relationships and has since taken my katie and girls over for missions work
this katie was on my katies heart when she asked me the fateful "have you thought about adoption" question
so in my mind, this katies story has a huge impact on my story

my katie (are you getting confused yet? - you know how some of my best friends in the world are named Alli and I have to refer to them as "midland alli" or "baylor alli" well I'm beginning to think that "katie" is the "alli" of my adoption world)

anyway, my katie sent katie my whole. long. adoption post. (here)
katie commented - while we were in disney
at the airport in orlando I realized that katie live in st louis (which is where we were traveling)
I texted my katie, it was confirmed
I emailed other katie
she responded
we met her and Elliot for lunch friday!

Isn't God so cool like that?
To weave our lives around each other and then for us to actually meet!
it was a huge encouragement to us & we always love meeting other couples in this crazy world of adoption (read: awesome community of adoption people)

So, you should follow her blog. she's real, she's honest, she's radical. and I love it! and I love her and I am excited to start this relationship so we can encourage, challenge, and walk this crazy life together.

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  1. Thanks, friend! This post is in my drafts as well! I'll let you know once I post it!


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