June 21, 2011

a St. Louis wedding

We flew straight from Disney to my good friend & college roommate Emily's wedding in St Louis! Emily and James are such a precious couple and I am so glad I finally got to meet him and we got to go celebrate them!
We got the honor of going to the rehersal dinner - and don't worry we took some pi phi picutres with me, Em, and Alli! represent!

The wedding was beautiful. It was at a winery outside of town and it was such a beautiful setting. Very intimate. The ceremony was outside and it actually started raining half way through the ceremony but it wasn't a big deal, we all just sort of shifted in our seats and they went on with it. That's sort of how the night went - it rained again, while dancing, but we all danced until it was really raining on us then we hooked up an ipod inside and had a dance party. It was just sweet, intimate, beautiful and such a great time celebrating Emily and James. I even got to catch up with some old Baylor friends (Stephanie & Laura) and loved that. It's so funny when your paths cross. Laura has some friends in adoption ministries, overseas missions, etc that she has already started to connect me with! so fun!
After the wedding we headed to the Ritz hotel and took over the dance floor! Everyone was having a blast and it was so fun to see my friend so happy! Selfishly I loved getting to have Alli all to myself! Two nights of great late night conversation (and late night taco bell one night!) was just what I needed. Love you both sweet friends!

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  1. I loved having YOU to myself...cherished every minute! So grateful for you, Wynne!


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