June 18, 2011

happiest place on earth

A week ago, we spent 4 wonderful days at the happiest place on earth - Disney World of coarse! Sunday was my parents 35th wedding anniversary and we were happy to all be there celebrating together! I calculated that this was my 9th visit to Disney and my dad's 14th! Everyone else is somewhere in between. We stayed at our favorite hotel - the Boardwalk, a Trippet family tradition. As tradition goes, we spent the whole day at whatever park we were going to that day. A little variation to the trip was we actually went swimming a few days- which was nice because it was SO HOT. We also went to fun dinners each night and a few nights we went back to the park for Extra Magic Hour.
{more "real" pictures on my photography blog here: http://wynneelderphotographyblog.com/?p=1724}

We had fun riding all the rides, eating at our favorite places, and we even got my mom to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster which she preceded to ride 3 times! A few fun memories that I want to remember: champagne toast at France (epcot) for my parents 35th wedding anniversary, a full day at Universal (that was new for me!), staying at Magic Kingdom until almost 2am the first night we were there riding rides, Stephen riding Rockin Rollercoaster 7 times, having to buy new tennis shoes on day 2 (note: do NOT wear Toms to disney), and just all the fun dinners with the family.
Aren't my sisters beautiful? MH and I ALWAYS match without meaning to - gold toms, white shorts, same hair, grey tops haha. Loved getting to spend time with them!!!!

While I was there I had fun being a little creative with my iPhone. Most of these are from Harry Potter land at Universal - it was really really cool!! Enjoy :)

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