June 30, 2011

weekend recap.

this past weekend we headed towards the metroplex.
we spent time with some of our close friends the Spitzers
yep, that's me, Todd & Mandy circa our freshman year at Baylor. We've been friends for going on 10 years. hard to believe! I was there when their relationship started {fall of our freshman year at Baylor}

anyway, we had a fun summer-y weekend: swimming all day Friday, Rangers game Friday night - ice cream, hot dogs, baseball, fireworks!
Saturday we had a cheeseburger lunch &headed to the zoo!
there was a lot of chatter of what a different experience this will be when we come back to the fw zoo with all our kids. ahhh
the boys were obsessed with the elephants.
a good time was had by all!

we also got to catch up with the Ruckers & see how big Harper is growing (sad no pics...boo!)
and meet up with our friend Karen. Karen just got back from Uganda with Visiting Orphans so we had a strategy meeting :) LOVED getting to hang with her!

AND we got to attend the DFW Gladney Ethiopia families picnic! We were a little late but we had fun meeting other families and seeing all the kiddos play. Great networking ;)

all in all it was a fun weekend.

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