July 6, 2011

knight of champions {Op Camp}

Since our theme this year is HONOR we had a special night for the kids. Knight of Champions. It was full of all sorts of fun - a contest to see who had the best princess or knight costume, a parade to show off the costumes, 4 super fun games & then a hot dog eating contest by some of the high school staff. Everyone talked in a british accent all night & pretty much all week. It was very festive and fun & most of all the kids LOVED it.

Bekah & I were talking about how fun it is to see everyone use their gifts and talents. We have a lot of new adult staff this year & it's been so fun to watch them totally get into it and love it. It's a really fun group of people and we are so thankful to have everyone here.

The first night we got here I was just overwhelmed with how much of a family this place is. Someone asked me how long I've been coming to Op Camp & when I said this was my 2nd year they were stunned. It's so easy to fit right in, to learn the songs, know the people and fall in love. It truly is a family. I know the kids, the high school students and adults ALL feel the same way. There is something really really special about this place & what goes on here.

Thought you might want to see some of the pics....
this is my cabin :) aren't they fabulous?

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