July 24, 2011

overwhelmed. community.

we ask for money a lot. adoption. mission trips. water wells.
sometimes I feel like a pest. my good friend from college (hi Katie!) encouraged me last weekend that it's ok to ask. it's ok to give people an opportunity to give or to pray. or really to be aware. So I'm going to start thinking of it as that. The money is not for us, it's for others and I can't be ashamed or embarrassed or think I'm a pest. because it's all for the kingdom of god.

but stories like this remind me that people WANT to give. people want to help. people are creative in their giving and their sending. for that I am SO thankful.

My good friend from church, Jennifer, pulled me aside after girls bible study a few weeks ago and brought me to tears when she told me they wanted to give up their sons birthday in order to raise money for Camp. WOW. She said their son had enough "things" and they would rather people make monetary donations to our adoption fund. She said "we are helping bring a boy home". the "we" is what gets me every time! I LOVE when people feel ownership in this because it takes more than just Stephen & I to bring Camp home.

I'm extremely grateful and humbled!

I just want to tell each of you that you will NEVER understand what your prayers and support mean to us. We are totally humbled and in AWE of how awesome our God is. We will never be able to thank you or express to you what we feel. We are honored to walk this life with you all! thank you for loving us so well!

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  1. WOW! What a precious friend!!! A blessing to you and a huge blessing to her own son! Imagine being able to share with him when he's older that he was a part of bringing a little boy home to his family. So incredible!! :)


thanks for the love!