July 22, 2011

yep, I did it.

yep, after Op Camp while we were relaxing at the lake with the fam, my sister went with me into town to get my nose pierced. It was exhilirating, scarry, but oh so fun. Driving to the shop, she "pumped me up" with en vogue's - free your mind. oh so appropriate.

coming back to the house I felt like I was in high school. telling my parents. we pulled the "don't say anything until they notice". my mom had the same reaction as she did when I showed her my tattoo in college (yes, it IS a tat even though it looks like a freckle) but, I am a big girl. long story short - the nose ring fell out the next day. he put the wrong jewelry in my nose and it fell out. even though I stuck it back in (yeah....) it didn't go all the way through.

so....a few days later in Midland.....

Bekah & I hit up the Lucky Duck after a photo shoot and got it re done.
it hurt. but it was worth it. i LOVE it. I don't even notice it anymore. I get sort of thrown off when people ask. my best compliment was this weekend at a wedding, an old college friend told me that it totally fit my personality & that it looked good. HOLLA.

Sorta takes me back to my college days.

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