September 21, 2011

Hope for Korah Print Sale!

I'm teaming up with my good friend, Jenn Verme (her adoption blog here) to bring you beautiful images from our time in Korah! God has laid it on my heart to use these images as a way to raise funds & awareness for the children that are sponsored to go to boarding school through Project 61. Please take a minute to read below & go to our HOPE FOR KORAH PRINT SALE store over on Jenn's blog:::

{if you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here}

About Jenn and Wynne:

This summer, Jenn Verme and Wynne Elder, visited Ethiopia with Visiting Orphans. Although we traveled with different teams, the impact the people of Ethiopia made on our hearts is the same. Ethiopia will be the birthplace of our children. Wynne and her husband, Stephen, are in the process of adopting an infant boy from Ethiopia and Jenn and her husband, Chris, are in the process of adopting an infant girl. We met through the wonderful world of adoption blogs. Through our love for photography and adoption, we quickly became friends. Together, and with your help, we desire to impact the lives of the beautiful children from Project 61.

About the “Hope for Korah” Print Sale:
After walking the muddy streets of Korah, holding the joyful faces of children in our hands, and seeing their needs – we knew we had to do something. To find a way to use the gifts God gave us to help our friends in Korah. We had to find a way to get our friends from home involved, to make people aware of their situation. Because we love God and because He has made me aware and now we are responsible.
What birthed from those thoughts and prayers was this! A “Hope for Korah” print sale! Wynne and Jenn have teamed up to offer you a variety of images from our time in Korah, Ethiopia this summer. The images you see will not only be a great reminder in your home or office to PRAY for these children and this place, but they will allow
Project 61 to purchase much needed school supplies for the 250 children that are sponsored to go to boarding school!
Your purchase of a 11×14 print ($55 + shipping/handling) will help provide
one child with 2 uniforms & all the books they need for the school year! Your purchase of a 16×20 print ($110 + shipping/handling) will help provide two children with 2 uniforms & all the books they need for the school year!
It’s our prayer that these images will tell the stories of our friends in Korah & remind you of the hope that we all have in Christ. We are so thankful for your support! Please email if you have any questions!

For more information about Project 61, go to:
Wynne’s Adoption blog, go to:
Jenn’s Adoption blog, go to:

Happy back to school shopping….

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  1. Oh Wynne! These photographs are so, so beautiful. I love them all! I am so proud of you and how you are using your God given gifts to help these precious children, the least of these. I love you! Becca


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