October 25, 2011

beloved adventurer.

this is Chloe.

You have probably heard me talk about her before.
We "met" via facebook on May 4th and then met in real life on July 30th. (man up mission trip!)
In those 3 months, we developed a friendship like one that I don't have with anyone else on the planet.
We are sisters.
yes, she's 20. I'm 27.
That doesn't matter, she could be MY mentor.
She is very wise. and godly.
and she has an incredible story.
and she's moving to Gulu, Uganda in January.
Read more here.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Chloe so you could PRAY.
God is going to do amazing things in & through her and I wanted to invite you to be part of the journey.
Her blog, Beloved Adventurer, is a must read. It will also be the place that she blogs about her life working with women at the Zion Project.

She just blogged about what she needs going forward, and I wanted to ask my friends if you would head over to her blog, read, be encouraged, and pray about giving and/or praying for her! here.

It was an honor to take some of her pictures for her campaign :)

Just so you know how much I love and support this girl & the amazing mission God has given her, here is a portion of the character letter I sent on her behalf.
{me & Chloe in Uganda}

I call Chloe my sister because even though we aren't technically related, we are sisters in Christ. She is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. Plus, when we were in Africa with Visiting Orphans this summer everyone thought we were sisters anyway! She is seriously one of the most beautiful people I know. She is full of wisdom, and passion for our Lord and you can't be around her or talk to her without seeing it all over her face. But not in a, " I'm a great christian" kind of way. It's just who she is.

I remember those first few days in Uganda, just seeing her "in her element" and just seeing, knowing, that THIS is where she is supposed to be. I can't say that about anyone else I've ever met. But God made Chloe Jordan for Africa.

She loves God, she loves her family, she is an incredible friend and prayer partner and studier of the Word. She challenges you, she asks you questions that really get you to think and examine your life and walk with the Lord, she's not afraid to ask you the hard questions. Her heart is in the right place. She is a prayer warrior and in her prayers you see her longing for heaven and for His kingdom to come!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely be praying for Chloe!

  2. that is SO awesome!!! I'm definitely praying for her!! :D

  3. That's so awesome! Thank you for sharing Chloe's story!


thanks for the love!