October 25, 2011

project Ethiopia

{this is the week of: all my friends are doing awesome things for the Kingdom & I can't not tell you about it!!!}
when I first moved to Midland, I got hooked up with Shannon & Curtis Eggemeyer.
They (along with Curtis parents) have a company called Envirocon Technologies.
They make cleaning products that are safe for the environment.
One of my favorite products is called Lemi Shine.
If you live in Midland (or somewhere else with hard water) & don't know about this....go to HEB or Wal-Mart right now.
It gets hard water spots off dishes & increases the lifespan of your dishwasher

anyway, I used to work for them.
{this does not discount the fact that they are some of our very best friends & some of our biggest supporters!!}
I fell in love with their company & mission.

they aren't about just money, they aren't even just about making the environment cleaner and safer, they are about people.

they have partnered with Living Water International to bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia.
They have a passion for bringing people clean water.
they are matching gifts to Living Water for their Project Ethiopia up to $50,000!


They have made a really well made & informative video about clean water.
Will you take a minute to watch it?

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