October 3, 2011

born again!

What an adventure we had today.

All I have to say at the end of today, is “TIA baby”. This is Africa. The day started by breakfast with Jalia and then shortly after we were introduced to three of their most loyal workers. Carol, Caleb & Bukenya. Carol & Bukenya are married and are due to have a baby any day now. Zion, if it’s a boy (Which Bukenya thinks it is) or Sharron (means God is gracious) if it’s a girl.

{Bukenya & Carol}

Caleb is Bukenyas brother, and he’s 17 years old. He’s the one that does all the “vanishing” on the beads – a very vital step to the paper bead making process. Jessica and I got the chance to talk to Caleb while he was working. He & his brother, Bukenya, want to build an orphanage to help orphans find food, shelter and education. He is 17 years old and he has these big dreams!


By working for Noonday Collection, he is saving up money to finish school himself, and then oneday make a huge difference in the Kingdom. I got to talk to his brother, Bukenya, later and he actually grew up in an orphange for 7 years. Because he does not want children to grow up like he did, he wants to help them. They are both born again believers and very hard workers.

{the whole group!}

It was amazing getting to know some of the artisans stories today. Many of them have many children, and with the earnings they make they are able to send their children to school & to the hospital. What is so amazing about Noonday is that they get paid every single day. For the people living in poverty, that is truly a gift. Noonday pays them up front before even seeing their work and so Jalia & Daniel are able to pay them everyday when they leave. For many, this means a meal when they get home, a place to sleep, and a chance to send their kids to school. You aren’t just buying fashionable jewelry, you are changing their lives!

If you haven’t yet, get on my Noonday Website & check out the new fall items. Know that when you purchase one of their necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that you are a part of their story. And making their live and their childrens lives a better one to live in.

ps - they LOVED seeing images of me & friends wearing their designs back at the states. They love that I've worn their neckalces to the zoo & to baseball games back at home. They told me they would LOVE to see pictures of people wearing their creations. I have some good ideas.....

Could you please pray for this sweet girl right now? She is feeling very sick & we would appreciate you going to the Father on her behalf. Her name is Zoe.

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  1. love love love reading these stories and seeing these pictures. and i would be honored to pray for zoe! she is precious!!!


thanks for the love!