April 26, 2012

alison + noonday + pink tumbleweed = friday!

hi friends!
I'm baaaaacccckkkkkk

seriously, thank you so much for respecting my "be present" wishes!  
it was an amazing trip that I can't wait to tell you about!

but!  I'm getting ready for an exciting day Friday you won't want to miss!

You all know my good friend Alison!

She's moving to Rwanda in 17 days!!

and me & her bff Allison have teamed up to do a rocking Noonday show/Alion's prints/molly's painting party Friday at Pink Tumbleweed!!!

So, if you are a local Midlander - come by Pink Tumbleweed Friday from noon-6 pm and shop a little Noonday & see other ways you can be a part of Alison's team!  

She'll be selling prints that she sells here too!

So come out & be a part of the fun!!! 

Pink Tumbleweed
Friday 12-6 pm
4410 North Midkiff Road
{across from the mall - corner of Midkiff & Loop 250!}

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