April 3, 2012

Foxhole {tough mudder part 2}

what is the tough mudder you ask?
"probably the toughest event on the planet"
"hardcore 12 mile obstacle course designed by British special forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie"
it also raises $$ for the Wounded Warrior project.  

over the past 2 months the guys have been training for the tough mudder 3 mornings a week & while they bear crawled and sprinted their way through the workouts, Shannon & I had some really great early morning walk & talks around the track watching them.  

what I love about this group of guys is for the past several years they have met every Friday morning at Lori's cafe to eat, fellowship and study Gods Word together.

they have built friendships that I know will last them (and their families) a lifetime.  
they are brothers.
but they took THIS opportunity to exercise not only spiritually, but physically together.
I know it bonded them even more than they realize now.
they really worked as a team, encouraged each other, picked each other up while they were down and it was amazing to watch.  such a testament to their strength, faith, and accountability.

We just had fun cheering them on.
isn't that what wives do?  act as their husbands biggest cheerleaders!
well, the wives AND the kiddos :) 

Grayson & Analisa were SUCH troopers.  Allison is one amazing momma, we all have a lot to learn from here! We all had so much fun taking turns pushing the stroller & playing with our favorite 2 year old, Grabo.

When we finally found the guys (after about 2 hours of driving, parking, searching!) we had a blast watching them & cheering them on.  here they are!

the team leader! 

provider of the awesome foxhole t shirts, as always! 

i mean, he's willie.  enough said. 

6 pack, for real?

most of us just knew him as "tylers friend" but he is IN now. awesome guy.

my strong, tough, sexy aggie of a husband :) 

besides the fact that he sat on my husband right before I took this picture, he's my bud.  
he goes back to the Baylor days. 

All in all, they FINISHED!  
all the girls are SO proud of them
they really worked hard as a team

the rest of the night was the usual for this group: stories, food, stories, more food, and great fellowship. 
we are SO blessed! 

me & Stephen

left to right:
Will & Ansley, Curtis & Shannon, Casey & Allison

left to right:
Laura & Tyler, Clint & Melanie, Laura & Turner

love love love my girls! 

Tough Mudder 2012!

the video.


  1. Whoa! Intense! I've always wanted to do one of those!

  2. That looks like exhausting fun and fellowship at the same time! My husband and his Marines are signed up for one in a couple months! I guess they better kick up their training!


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