April 2, 2012

midland to mexia. {tough mudder part 1}

like I said before, we had an amazing weekend full of memories with our "no kids club" friends.
obviously with 2 babies, and 5 on the way can no longer claim "no kids" so we have deemed ourselves the "new kids club".  it's very fitting.

we had a blast.  and I am VERY proud of myself for lugging Nellie {my nikon!} around....it's a goal to start documenting my life.  mission accomplished this weekend.
pictures tell better stories, so I'll let them talk.....

on our 7 hour road trip from Midland to Mexia, Will & Ansley got a tour of my parents house, Waco & Baylor.  including a trip to the bear pit......

and to my old college house.
"the alamo"

I can't lie that say there wasn't a little bit of mooning that occurred on this road trip.....

we made it to the lake house on lake limestone that the Thompsons graciously let us use for the weekend!  it was beautiful!!

here is one of the 5 babies on the way.....
baby Ian!

laura didn't know it, but we had planned a surprise shower for baby Kunkel!
yes, her "bosom buddies" bought her her breast pump :)  appropriate!

what fun is it without a game?
we played the "guess the onsie game"
each couple brought a onsie that will remind Tyler & Laura of them....

left to right:
Eggemeyer, Craine, Zachry

left to right:
Eggemeyer, Elder, Brumley
{mine didn't get in in time...but it's maroon :) }

Laura had fun guessing ;) 

we can't wait to meet baby K, whatever his name may be :)
it was a fun time with our old friends who no longer live in Midland.  

but the guys had to get ready for what was coming tomorrow......
part 2 to come....

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