August 9, 2012


{my ethiopian family}
two worlds.
I feel torn in so many ways.
I feel literally like my heart is in two places.  
here home & home home.
when I’m home, I a lot of the times want to be here.
and now that my time might be drawing to an end - I’m looking forward to being home.
I wish so badly (like so many others) that I could be in two places at once.

the past year has been full of adventure.
new friends.

and as I feel this season close, and another one begin I am a little scared.
the promise of my children isn’t fully fulfilled yet, but my season in Korah isn’t done yet.
I’m caught in between the two.  
I feel my grip on one opening & tightening on the other.
seeing my babies today (which - JENNA got to GO with me!  amazing!) was a much needed reminder of where the Lord has me & what promise he’s about to fulfil.

mama kiki reminded me today that I can’t EVEN see the blessing that I’m about to recieve being a momma.
and she encouraged me to NOT have FEAR in continuing to do the things we love & that God has put on our heart - even if we have two little ones.
that encouraged my heart so much.  
God has us where we are for a reason & we can’t even see the plans and blessings He has in store for us if we keep close to Him.

so, I will hold my two hands open.
for the two worlds I love.
and the two babies that are ours. 

two is better than one.
double the blessing, twice the fun. 

{this is pretty humbling...the one picture framed at Eyobs house is one of me & him...}

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