August 17, 2012

passion for the lost.

I feel like today was the day that you gave me a passion for the lost.
a real passion.
as I read in live dead journal, I asked you to pour out your heart to me
and pour out your heart you did.  
tears ran down my face today as I told the story you have given me - a story of freedom & redemption.  
I told my story & I begged my boys to know you.  to really know you and be in a personal relationship with you.
I told them, with tears running down my face, that I couldn’t leave this country without knowing that they really know jesus.
thank you jesus for giving me boldness, for giving me passion, and for giving me the words.  
I pray that that seed will continue to grow, and as I continue to beg and plead to you for their salvation, I pray you will hear my prayers.  

I am so proud of my boys for writing their sin down & nailing it to the cross.  I’m proud that when I asked them today, * said he found so much freedom in nailing it to the cross.  I pray that you would continue to move and work in his life.

today was hard.  
but I know I did what you told me to do.  
I pray that you will continue to give me boldness and confidence in the cross as I pour out into their lives.  

reveal yourself to them, make yourself known.  
answer my plea for mercy on them.
restore their lives. 

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