December 21, 2012

Change the World for one!

This summer (when I had my missionary summer) I got to meet & become friends with Kelly Putty.  Kelly started an amazing organization called Ordinary Hero.  Kelly started OH in 2009 and their mission is simply to change the world for ONE!  They do work locally (in Nashville) and in Africa on behalf of orphans & children in need.   

Kelly was in Ethiopia for a good amount of time this summer leading the 4 mission teams they sent to love on orphans in Addis Ababba, Ethiopia.  It was fun to get to see her & her teams in action.  

and then when we were on the way to Addis for embassy I got word (though facebook) that she might be on our flight.  well, as the flight was about to take off I spotted Kelly and her crew.  (wish we had a pic!) 

turns out she was with Michael Venable.  He has an amazing story of god at work.  His wife recently died after complications from a brain surgery.  She had a heart for orphans (they just adopted a son from Ethiopia) and Ethiopia so her husband started a project through Ordinary Hero Foundation to raise money for orphan care projects in Africa.  

The flight I met them on was the flight with Kelly, her husband Shane, Michael & his oldest son to get on the ground & see what God had for the $50,000+ that had been given in his wife's honor.  

I just found the video that shows what they did with the money.
and what they will continue to do through their fundraising page.  

such an amazing story of redemption. 
and god turning the difficult and heartbreaking into good. 

they are changing the world - for more than just 1! 
what a legacy Beth left. 

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