February 12, 2013


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one thing I know, God is committed to transforming me.
if He wasn't, I wouldn't be alive today.
but I am ALIVE.
and it's because God has a greater purpose, He's transforming me day by day.

this is something that's been going on in my head and heart from our series at church about fear, and from what God showed me at Created for Care.

and I think that there was a level of transformation that occurred through our adoption process, that couldn't have happened any other way.

and you know how transformation goes.
it's hard, it's sticky, it's uncomfortable.  it moves you from what you know and who you are, to who Christ is making you to become.

during transformation, we see a lot of sin in us that we wouldn't see normally.
there is usually brokenness and hurt that leads the way for transformation.

I was just reflecting on the past two years, and all that God has done in our life.  Even though there were serious seasons of darkness + lots of pain, loss and brokenness...I know that on the other side of that was transformation.  a heart closer to jesus.  a heart that yearns to be more like him.  a heart that can truly say with all she is, "lord have your way!"

our pastor always says that everything god does is for my greatest joy and HIS glory.
my story and path is paved with brokenness, but God has used me to show off HIS glory.
the days that we lost our first referral  or didn't think we would bring Asher home, those days tested us.  but god was good & faithful and HE gets the glory.

and that wasn't JUST for our transformation.
it was for others - it was for others to see Gods work in our lives, to hear and see our testimony and SEE god the whole way.
and I pray that through our testimony, you see the faithfulness of god.
I pray that I have been or will be able to encourage you in your seasons of darkness and brokenness.
I pray I can comfort you as I've been comforted.  [2 corth 1:4]

on my heart.


  1. If it wasn't for my struggles....I wouldn't even know Jesus. HE is good!

  2. this is so beautiful, and so, so true. thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this Wynne!!! So wonderfully expressed and written. Thank you for putting in words what many of us feel in our hearts.


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