February 11, 2013

why gloriously ruined?

I spent part of the weekend working on my new blog [yippee!!]  and trying to make everything easier to navigate/find.  I want my blog to be a great resource for you in your journey & right now things are just too hard to find.  So I hope in the next few weeks I'll get to share my full blog design with you.  but for now...I'll share with you my new header/logo and share a little bit with you WHY my blog is called Gloriously Ruined.  [big shout out to Danielle for the amazing new blog design]

the past 3.5 years have been quite the journey.  

a journey that has gloriously ruined our lives.

I like to call these my "pre africa" wynne pics.  

the plans & dreams we had for our family are beyond different than the plans God had for our  family.
I wanted to wait 5-7 years to have kids after marriage but 2.5 years in, God changed my heart overnight.
I wanted to have biological children.
I wanted all boys.
I was/am terrified of childbirth & am not really a "baby person".

god knew.
he knew all along that he was going to bless us with two beautiful ethiopians
he knew the road it would take to get us there.
he knew it would be bumpy, rocky, wonderful & surprising (thanks for putting it so beautifully Jenna)

[first time to africa together, in Uganda on Stephens 29th birthday, August 2011] 

he also knew that it would lead us to africa
and to our love affair with orphan care, clean water efforts and responsible shopping
he knew it would lead us to the adoption community,
to have a passion to support missionaries all over the world
to be a part of giving a child a great education & lots of love through child sponsorship

[my first day in Korah, Ethiopia.  this day forever changed my world.  and so did the boy in yellow]

he knew it would transform the way we look at the world
it would erase "color" from our eyes
it would open the door for others to see gods heart for the orphan

[THIS is us.  loving + serving kids in korah, August 2011]

he knew it would gloriously ruin our lives.

[the day we met the kids! June 2012]

our lives look dramatically different than before.
not that we are "better"
our eyes are just open more
now that we have SEEN, we can't pretend we don't know
we are responsible.

we want to live radical lives for jesus.
we want to continue to be wrecked & ruined
lying down our plans & dreams and ambitions to live the "american dream"
to follow His will for our life instead

to be used by Him and for Him
to make Him known & make Him famous
to love god & love others

We want to live HIS story.  

[C+A baby shower]

I was never "one of those" radical people that had "a heart for the nations"
but now I am.
god changed my heart and wrecked my world
and he can do the same for you
if you just ask.

[Easter 2012]

then pray some more.
then act.
just take the next step that He is calling you and your family to
be you, don't be someone else.  don't live vicariously through someone else.
don't believe the lie that "having a heart for the nations" or adoption is for "someone else"
it's for all of us.

reach out & claim it.
your life will never be the same-- it will be GLORIOUSLY ruined.

[Thanksgiving 2012]

stay tuned for the new blog.  I'll have a "be ruined" resource page where I"ll share with you all the amazing resources for adoption, missions, clean water, sponsorship, responsible shopping, praying for the unreached, conferences + books that helped us along the way.  


  1. I love this! Looking forward to the "new you" blog!

  2. I love the new header!!!!! can't wait to see the whole thing complete! I love your story - I could listen to it/read it over and over!!! Love you!!

    1. thank you! i am SO EXCITED to finish the rest of it & get it up and running! thanks for all of your help ;) love you!

  3. its all beautiful
    the new blog header
    the story
    your hair

  4. Thank you for putting it all "out there" That's brave and that's God. The only way to have any impact is to testify of His glory and goodness. He will continue to use you and Stephen because of your obedience. May His face continue to shine on y'all as you walk through the next chapter, allowing Him to be Author. xoxo, Brandi

    1. thanks brandi! sometimes I get nervous before posting things like this, but you are right. i have to just put it out there. my life has been changed and god can change us all if we ask and if we let him! thank you for your encouraging words!

  5. AH!!! I LOVE IT!!! ummmmm how crazy that I was emailing you about this stuff probably WHILE you were busy working on it!! love love love.

    1. yes girl! i was up sat night until 6am working and then once I finally woke up sunday i got your email! i can't wait to chat/email you back! playing catch up today :)

  6. I'm really excited about this, and just the content of your blog in general. I am so thankful for the way you focus on missions and such real, important things.

    1. thank you!! yes content. that's what I've been focusing on :) thanks for your encouragement!!

  7. Wynne,
    Love the new blog look and learning more about your journey to where you are today...I feel like some "glorious ruining" will be coming my way soon and honestly, I'm excited. :)


    1. thank you ashley!!! you yes being gloriously ruined is a beautiful freeing thing! get it girl!

  8. I'm being ruined right now and I love reading stories like yours and growing my courage muscles. :) I can't wait to see your new blog--LOVE the header!!!

    1. love that, growing your courage muscles!! yes!

  9. Your story makes me teary in such a happy way. I admire your courage so much!


thanks for the love!